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Information for Parents

Dear Parents

Welcome to Ӱ̳! Whether you are an experienced college parent or a first timer, regardless of your location or circumstances, you are valued here. The La Sierra family isn’t just about our students; it is a diverse and expansive arena full of opportunities to support our young scholars. We thank you for raising this generation of bright, capable, and active young adults who we are proud to call Golden Eagles. We are not just a university that has been ranked a best value institution—we are a close-knit, but inclusive, community that seeks to change your world.

At La Sierra, we value each student individually as a part of our family. Students are much more than an ID number—and with small class sizes, your student will get to know their professors on a personalized level. Faculty, staff, and students work and grow together in this thriving, diverse environment. Your student will have many clubs and social groups to choose from, as well as plenty of campus activities hosted by S A L S U, our student association. And while on campus, all students benefit from safety measures such as a 1.3 mile perimeter fence and four gates accessible with student ID cards.

We like to think of this Parent Page as a “roadmap to college”—and it was designed with you in mind. We understand that family involvement plays an essential role in the success of our students. We also know that so many offices and resources can be overwhelming! But we’re here to help you stay connected to your student as you begin this college experience with them. Here you will find everything from the academic tools available for your student to handy checklists. 

First Year Transition

Leaving home for the first time can be both fun and challenging, and we want your student to be successful and productive in their new environment. We'll help your student make the transition from high school to college through IGNITE at the beginning of the school year, as well as through close-knit family groups throughout the year. Your student will also receive advising support from OACS (detailed in "Tools for Sucess") as they explore their career goals and make important first-year decisions. 

Tools for Success

We want your student to succeed in every aspect of their college journey. Our campus resources are designed to help each member of our student body in their studies, research, and planning for the future. 

View Resources and Tools

La Sierra Life

Life at Ӱ̳ is filled with clubs, activities, and worship opportunities to bring our student body together in comradery and friendship. Whether your student is living on campus or commuting, they will find a family on campus.

Learn About Campus Life

Wellness and Safety

At La Sierra, the physical, spiritual, and mental wellbeing of your student is important and cared for. We care about their hearts, souls, and minds. Find out more about health and wellness, campus safety, and more. 

Explore Wellness & Safety

FAQs About Parent Involvement

Parents are always welcome to check this Parent Page for information. You will also receive the Ӱ̳ Magazine in the mail, provided that your address on file with us is current. To help further bridge the gap, La Sierra will soon produce an e-newsletter just for parents.

We welcome parents to campus year-round!

Local Airports: The closest airport to Ӱ̳ is —this is the best option for most visitors, as it is only 20 minutes from campus. We are also approximately 40 minutes from , and approximately 55 minutes from . 

Accomodations: Guest rooms are available for reservation in the dormitories, and there are other nearby off-campus accomdations such as the off Riverwalk Parkway. Some other hotels and motels within 10 miles of campus include  and .   

Food: You can eat in the Dining Commons with your student, provided that it is paid for with either flex money on their ID card or cash. 

Parking: As a visitor to campus, you will need to obtain a temporary parking permit from University Security and Patrol. Please note that the visitor parking spots are not meant for overnight guests. For more information about parking, please see our parking guide

All students who live on campus will have a mailbox in their dormitory. When sending mail and pacakges, please be certain to include your student's room number in the address. Address should be formatted as such: 

Student Name
4500 Riverwalk Parkway
Residence Hall, Room #
Riverside, CA 92505

You can make your student feel loved on their special day by sending them a card or care package to their dorm room. To see where to send mail, check the tab above. A few other options for birthday surprises include:

  • Having flowers delivered from a local florist, like
  • Sending goodies from a local bakery, like

Under FERPA regulations, you do not have direct access to your student's grades. But you can still be kept informed, with your student's permission. To access your student's information, you and your student will need to fill out some release forms. For more information about how to do this, please contact the Records office. 

Graduation usually takes place during the second weekend in June, often overlapping with Father's Day, and we very much hope that you will be able to attend! Please visit the following links to help you prepare for your visit.

Office of the Registrar/Records

Graduation Information Page

  1. Call 1-800-874-5587 to request a hard-copy application form by mail or request a printed application be sent to you by mail.

Preffered Applications Deadlines

Ӱ̳ has a rolling application system, and we will accept your application for any future term at any time.

New Freshman Applications: February 1
Transfer Applications: July 15
All Applications: November 15
All Applications: March 1
All Applications: May 1
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