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Welcome to Chapel!

Chapel is back!

Join us at Ӱ̳ Church every Tuesday at 11 a.m. for Chapel.

Now that we are fully back, we gather together at Chapel for unique opportunity to connect as a learning community. We are making this path into the uncertain future by walking it together. We are looking forward to the next quarter of spiritual growth! #lasierratogether

Archived Programs

You can find our archives here:

  • (after July 2017)
  • (before July 2017)

Watch Live

You can watch some of the university events live!

Click here to open our Live Stream page.

Check Attendance

  1. Login to your student account
  2. Click on "Students"
  3. Click on "Student Records"
  4. Click on "Chapel Attendance"
Please allow 1-2 weeks after an event for your attendance to be recorded. If you have additional questions, please contact Student Life at
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