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State Authorization & Professional Licensure

Learning Online at Ӱ̳

Ӱ̳ offers a variety of online courses. Our online courses are for students learning on campus or online and are "physically" located in California. However, we can offer classes to our students who are located in different states, but only if we are authorized or have required approvals. Click on the link located in the "State Authorization" section below to find out what states we are approved.

Contact if you have any questions.
If you are interested in fully online programs with La Sierra Universality, please go to our page, select the "Programs" tab, review the "More Programs" section and click on Online Programs.

State Authorization

State Authorization is a term that refers to an essential process that institutions of higher education conduct to obtain state and federal approval to offer instruction or educational activities in other states. Educational activities include online programs or courses, teaching, internships, or field trips. It is important to note that not all institutions of higher learning are officially able to offer “educational activities” in all states.

Ӱ̳ is in the process of seeking authorization in various states and has already obtained a few approvals.

Click here to visit our state approvals, disclosures, and policies and learn more about our process.

Professional Licensure

Professional Licensure or “Licensure” means a state or other governmental entity process establishing standards of practice. It gives legal permission to practice a profession by providing licenses to individuals who meet those standards (SARA Manual • Version 20.1. January 1, 2020, Distributed February 6, 2020). 

To be licensed in a given field can vary from State to State. Ӱ̳ professional licensure programs are designed to prepare students for a license in the State of California. Click here for Programs that require professional licensure and the process you must take before applying to our licensure programs.

About Disclosures

Federal and State Authorization policies require that there be several disclosures made available to consumers through public and online publications.

Click on the links below to learn more about these disclosures.

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